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Founded in 1954, GARDEN COSMETICS SAS is an Italian professional Cosmetics manufacturer that has revolutionized the rules of cosmetics and started selling over the most demanding beauty addicts in over than 30 Countries, including Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America.

We are constantly committed to a single objective: to allow all women to treat themselves to the most innovative cosmetics!

With more than 10 different top quality Brands owned, like "Boutique", "Banana Caprice", "Vogue Beauty" and many others, Garden Cosmetics Sas universe is an example of tradition and innovation.

Behind each product is the excellent research of an expert scientific team that develops new technologies and original formulas. High quality and extreme safety in addition to creativity, taste, and a focus on details. Our laboratories constantly develop, through advanced researches, new formulations to be a step ahead of the times.

That’s how we ensures the finest standards of excellence through products that are both fashionable and highly effective: all our makeup and skincare formulas are produced in our Facility located in Novara, not far from Milan, Italy.

The range is subjected to accurate and in-depth safety evaluation.The clinical tests are performed by university institutes and dermatological clinics. The control of every product and each ingredient complies with the regulations enforced by EU and US law.


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