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This fashion brand, Banana Caprice, was created by Garden Cosmetics Sas back in the late '90s. A complete range of professional make up which targets women of all ages that just want the best for their beauty. Banana Caprice means more quality, more design, more diversity in shade range, more colors. Italian style, Italian perfection and absolutly 100% Made in Italy. The perfect make up that fit for everyone, for evey skin tone. Hundreds of shades and high-tech, specialty store-level formulas. Everything you could ever want or need for your eyes, lips, nails, cheeks and face.

The creativity we pull from the streets of Milan - the fashion, the art, the history, the culture, finds its way into everything we make for you, the women who loves color and top quality. You'll find yourself in Banana Caprice cosmetics.


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28100 Novara  - ITALY

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